Random Location Ideas

  1. A derelict cargo ship. A corpse hangs from the mast, with only a cluster of tentacles where its face should be.
  2. A derelict sailing yacht. A corpse is tied to the wheel, killed in the midst of some terrible transformation.
  3. A desolate farm. The entire farmhouse has collapsed into a gaping abyss.
  4. A dilapidated hotel suite. The corpse of a man lies on the floor, his eyes brutally torn out.
  5. A forgotten tomb. The floor is flooded with a bizarre ichor and the walls are covered with alien symbols and strange claw marks.
  6. A forlorn train station. There is an abandoned automobile here, one side warped and melted by incredible heat.
  7. A gloomy farm. The carcass of a goat hangs in the barn, eviscerated by some sort of monstrous beast.
  8. A gothic bank building. Something monstrous has seemingly broken out of the vault.
  9. A hewn cave. A pool of bizarre ichor lies in the center of the floor.
  10. A psychiatrist’s office. The floorboards have been broken, as though by some colossal weight.
  11. A rough cave. Part of the floor has collapsed into a gaping chasm.
  12. A vast cavern. Several corpses hang from above, covered with an alien slime mold.A vast cavern. Wisps of sickening smoke move and writhe through the air.
  13. An abandoned building. The door is trapped with a crude petrol bomb and tripwire.
  14. An ancient crypt. A corpse is impaled upon a jagged spear of stone, its flesh engraved with bizarre symbols.
  15. An old fishing boat. A corpse is tied to the wheel, its skin covered with hundreds of small, circular wounds.
  16. An old sailing yacht. A corpse lies on the deck, killed in the midst of some monstrous transformation.
  17. An old textile factory. Lit candles stand scattered across the floor.
  18. An oppressive bank building. A desk drawer contains the serrated tooth of some sort of monstrous beast.
  19. Somewhere deep within a desolate desert. Bleached bones and barren rock mark the edge of a steaming spring.
  20. Somewhere deep within a gloomy forest. The trees here are strangled by thorny vines.
  21. Somewhere deep within a range of eroded mountains. An icy peak looms ahead, crowned with blade-like spires of black stone.
  22. Somewhere deep within a range of icy peaks. A corpse lies on the ground, its skull seemingly ruptured from within.
  23. Somewhere deep within a rocky desert. An abandoned truck lies buried in the sand, its engine torn to pieces by some monstrous force.

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