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Combat is a key part of any role playing game. Combat is played out in a multi-step process. At each step of the combat a FATE POINT can be spend to activate an aspect to increase/reroll the result.

Step 1. Roll Initiative

Each participant rolls dF + their notice skill adjustment.

Highest result goes first.

Step 2. Roll to Attack

Once the attacker has chosen a target player, that player (or GM NPC) can choose to take a responsive action. This can be dodging or parrying. The defender rolls dF and add Will for Mental Attacks or Athletics for Shooting/Melee. Once a dodge has been rolled that is the target defense number for the rest of the combat round. If they  player does not choose to actively defend, then use the players passive defense: Will for Mental Attacks or Athletics for Shooting/Melee.

There are a number of different ways to attack.

Mental attacks use dF + Will skill

Shooting attacks use dF + Shoot skill

Melee attacks use dF + Fight skill

Step 3. Damage

The damage amount is the amount of points over the target defense number. So if you roll a +3 vs a defense of -1, you’d score 4 damage to the target.

Step 4. Soaking Damage and Consequences

Once the damage is determined, the defender soaks damage from the attack with either a Stress Box or with a Consequence. Defensive items such as armor or protective wards could also be used by the defender to lower the damage as a boost.

Multiple Actions

Multiple actions result in penalties. For each action beyond the first the player takes a -1 penalty. If the player dodges, then attacks, the attack would be at a penalty -1.

In the event that a player wants to play the round with multiple attacks, these additional actions must be declared before any actions are taken in the round. The exception being dodging which can be declared after an attack.



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