Fate Points

Every player begins the a session of the game with a number of fate points (FP) equal to how many aspects they have. Fate points are best represented by some non-edible token, such as glass beads or poker chips. Fate point change hands depending on who is doing something. The GM can spend fate points to have the players take action, where as the players can spend to have the game and other players take action. In the world of Lovecraft everything has aspects that a can be leveraged with fate points.

Spending Fate Points

Declaring a Story Detail – Showing up at just the right time or having just the right equipment can be added by spending a fate point.

Invoke or Compel an Aspect – leveraging an element of the scene to change the game. (See aspects for details)

Activate a Stunt – Some stunts have particularly potent effects, and require spending a fate point when used. (see stunts for details)


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