Character Creation #3: Crossed Paths

Now that you have the general concept of your character, it’s time start to weave the characters together and create the backstory for your specific game group. In Lovecraftian stories family history, small town connections and strange happenings tend to tie people together nicely. Remember this is going to help to enable each character to compel or leverage the other players in the game. Here’s what to do.

Describe how you’ve crossed paths with two of the other characters.

Example 1: My Grandma made a promise that, no matter what, I would look out for you.

Example 2: We attended university together, we were frat brothers.

Write down one aspect for each of these these experiences.

Aspect: Always looking out for George

Aspect: Bros before Hoes

Twitter Players

Post your aspects and relations in the comments or on twitter @rpgpizzaria

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One thought on “Character Creation #3: Crossed Paths

  1. For Rolf:

    #1 Noelle and Rolf are acquaintances. Rolf helps from time to time when some cases get a little…..strange.

    Aspect: Will work for food, money, etc.

    #2 Came across Dan Marquardt and helped him with a lead on Laz. It seems that the weird runs in small circle around here.

    Aspect: I owe you one.

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