Character Creation #2: Touched by Shadows


For added the next aspect to your character, describe the main past experience where they have encountered something from the Shadows, this should include something that would help to define why your character is involved in the shadow world. Write down one aspect from this experience.


My grandmother always told stories of lizard people who lived in the sewers under the city. I didn’t believe her until my best friend was attacked by one.

Aspect: Grandma told me about this.

Use when you encounter something that is unexplained having to do with the shadow world or to help with horror checks when encountering a new monster.


I was doing research in the library when I happened upon a scrap of paper with strange writings. The more I studied it the more I became convinced it was not of this world. I followed whatever instructions I could have deciphered, I think that was not a good idea.

Aspect: Maybe that ritual wasn’t a good idea

You’ve meddles with otherworldly powers and now you’ve changed


My father abandoned our family when I was very young and my mother took with the “Family of Moons”. The took good care of us until the dear leader was arrested and locked up.

Aspect: Cult Family

Leverage this aspect to place other members of the cult in different positions within the game, “Detective Smyth let me off with a warning, we are family afterall.”

Next Step: Crossed Paths (click here)

Do you have more ideas or examples? Post them in the comments below!


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