Twitter Gaming

I will be running a game via Twitter. Testing out locations, character creation and more. By default, the game will take place in and around Arkham, Mass in the current times.

How it’ll work:

We will be using the Fate Core Rules

I will post a seed (tweet) and then in the replies we will work through the scene.

Each scene will have a supporting blog post here that will give details and aspects.

A log will be posted to keep everyone on the same page

How to get started:

Follow RPG Pizzeria on Twitter

Create a Character

Post your character as a reply to this tweet.

Post comments below if you have any questions or comments.

Current Roster of Players

Rolf @JohnLeoPhoto – a bankrupt cultist who inherited a mysterious gem.

Boggles @terryocarroll – an extroverted fighter pilot who was attacked by something indescribable in the skies

Kevin MacLeod @landrasgembar – the extroverted clinical psychologist who feels things aren’t as they seem.

A patient came in with severe photophobia, and I mean true fear, not just sensitivity. After one session, I watched her go and saw something I could never quite focus on — it was almost as if it kept shifting form.

Jon @zenoProxy – an introverted priest who has been having disturbing dreams after reading from the Necronomicon

Once a man came to me, a recent immigrant and convert, from India, Amar. He said he needed my help as a man of God. That he’d no where else to turn. He claimed to dream every night of hells, claimed demons invaded his dreams and tormented him with visions of impossible worlds.

He asked me to pray for him, bless him, anything that would make it stop. I simply thought he was depressed and sick. I councelled him. I blessed him. I exorcised him. I went through the motions like I’d done for others before him, but unlike them,it did not make him feel better. It did not give him peace.

Then he stopped coming to me. I knew where he lived & went there, a small apartment and he lived alone. His landlord told me he’d left, that he was missing, he one day just upped & walked away. God knows where.

He let me look around Amar’s apartment. Amar didnt have much in life. But there a thick book on a table in his bedroom that caught my eye.

I took it home.

Now I wish I hadnt. It was an english translation of an occult arabic text, the Necromomicon. I read it, I read it without stopping, till half the night was through. Then I slept, and as I slept I dreamt.

Just as he had described them, glimpses of the impossible worlds. The abysses between filled with a chaos of colors, the sound of pipes.

The next day I burned the damn book. I couldnt read it anymore, it must be a lie the raving of a madman. God help us if it isnt. But some nights I still have those dreams. And sometimes when I wake from those dreams I feel. that those dreams are reality and this life I’ve woken up into is the dream.

Johaan Filnan @markllama – a skeptical grave digger who recently discovered his mother was secretly a Romani witch.

Sure, some of Mata’s family were a bit creepy, but they’re all just bunch of hoods, crooks and shysters preying on the gullible Gran and her Seances, talking to widows’ dead husbands, making chairs bump, and Uncle Milo with his evil eye and his heavy drinking.

Noelle @EwokGirl – a curious private eye who has latent psychic abilities

My Grandpa told me stories of his own combat the shadows and how I came from a long line of shadow hunters. I have a duty to battle these abominations.

Dan Marquardt @dkmiller – a curious brawler whose partner went missing.

Dan & Laz get answers for their clients. Laz finds the target; Dan “closes.” Laz said current target is weird. Where’s Laz now?


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