Interior – Main Gathering Hall
The Ryder Tavern is located on Lich Street between Garrison Street and Parsonage Street. The imposing architectural features of the structure, together with its original interior woodwork, stenciling and hardware make it one of the least altered and best documented examples of a wayside tavern of the Federal period in New England.


Work began in early 1791 on the 90 foot long by 35 foot wide, two story building. Bradford Shedlock, a local innkeeper and distiller, planned that this new inn would be the finest building in all of Arkham. To help him in building the new tavern he formed a partnership with a local businessman, George Crowley.

On October 18, 1793, during the construction of his new tavern, Shedlock died from injuries sustained in a fall from the third story roof of the uncompleted building.

In October, 1795, Crowley brought the construction work to completion after being named administrator of Shedlock’s estate.

The Tavern continues to be run by the Crowley family to this day. The current owner, Michael Crowley, prides the Tavern as the most outstanding historic building in the Town of Arkham.

Zone and Aspects

Zone: Bar Area

  • Local rumor mill
  • Free flowing spirits (alcoholic)

Zone: Hostel

  • Rest and relaxation

2 thoughts on “RYDER TAVERN on LICH STREET

  1. A couple of possible edits on this one:

    – I think “Local Rumor Mill” should be “Local rumor mill” (capitalization)
    – same for “Rest and Relaxation” “Rest and relaxation”?
    – The commas in the first sentence made my head hurt( 🙂 ). I’m not too sure how to fix them though. Or if they need fixing at all.


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