Character Creation #1: Choose High Concept with a Twist

A good high concept should define the setting your character is part of, as well as the circumstances that bring them into the the world of Into The Shadows. This aspect will give you quirks, grant you skills, a reason for being, and sometimes complicate your character’s life. It is up the GM to approve the available options and aspects to make their game work they way they intend.

For you high concept, finish this sentence:

I am a [Adjective] [Vocation] who(se) [Character Twist].


I am an Extrovert Researcher who Found a Hidden Magic Book

I am a High Society Archeologist whose Partner Went Missing

I am an Obsessed Alienist who has Terrible Nightmares from Beyond

For help thinking on your high concept or to generate a character quickly, use the following chart as reference. For Quick Gen Characters, Roll on this chart, once for each column (Adjectives, Vocations and Twists)

4dF Adjectives Vocations Twists
4 High Society Criminal > Cat Burglar Uncovered an ancient book
3 Arrogant Faithful > Priest Inherited a mysterious gem
2 Obsessed Fighter > Soldier Has terrible nightmares from beyond
1 Extrovert Academic > Professor Attacked by something indescribable
0 Curious Academic > Student Feels things aren’t as they seem
-1 Introvert Academic > Clinical Psychologist Accidentally interrupted a dangerous cult
-2 Absentminded Fighter > Brawler Partner went missing
-3 Selfless Faithful > Cultist Uncovered a dark family secret
-4 Bankrupt Criminal > Grifter Discovered a cursed book of magic

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