Book Update

First things first: The game is not going to be sailing on its way to your doors this month. I won’t go into all the details, but it turns out writing a game is not a part time job, and speed bumps have a tendency to turn into brick walls that require a full detour. Now that being said I have been playing and reading up on all types of Fate Core games (Jadepunk anyone?) and watching a few amazing cartoon; Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated and Gravity Falls:

Seriously, this is a kid’s show!

Each day I am dedicating a part of it to working on the project, and little by little it’s finding it’s way. I’ll be posting bits and pieces as I go here on this blog. Make sure to subscribe to keep updated. On the right side of this page are options to follow the blog by subscribing or via email. You can also post comments at the bottom.

I sure hope the lunar alignment doesn’t open some type of portal…

In the mean time, how about a simple cipher? Brx duh jrlqj wr iuhdn rxw!


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