Getting it right

ff5e0483949a1dfdee7e367a0fa686d5_largeOver the course of the project, I’ve worked really hard to bring the spirit of the H.P.Lovecraft and horror/suspense into the fate core worlds and when I talk about release dates for a project, like those on Kickstarter, I can only estimate the deadlines and not the final release date. And like all of you – I love the mythos, the setting, and role playing, but to release something unfinished or without cohesive feel would do a horrible injustice to all of my contributors who put in hard work to provide content for this project.

Now that being said, I’ve been revising and reworking the content to make all of the independent sections fit together to make the cohesive feel a reality, the editor did a great job cleaning up the copy, but combining and weaving together the sections was needed. In addition I’ve picked up a number of other RPGs over the months and have come to expand and change my understanding of a number of core mechanics in the fate system.

For example, in the original text of the book, we had insanity based on actual diagnosis. While on the surface that might seem great, but it is nearly impossible to understand from a character perspective. Schizophrenia would be a good example as it has a host of symptoms that would be terribly difficult to understand if you didn’t actually have or know someone who is afflicted with the horrible condition. By removing the diagnosis as the RPG element and moving more to the symptoms, your character will develop insanity in a more organic way that could then be classified as Schizophrenia (hearing voices, delusions, disorganized speaking, paranoid fantasies). By breaking out symptoms, character fall further and further into insanity, without overwhelming the player which an entire host of symptoms all at once.


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